About RACS

Rice Area Constable Service (RACS)

2617 West Holcombe Blvd, Suite C PMB 232, Houston, Tx 77025


The RACS service area includes the neighborhoods of Morningside Place and Southgate bounded east-west between Kirby and Main Streets and north-south between University and Holcombe. Morningside Place is made up of five smaller subdivisions, Bliss Court, Carolina Place, Wessex, Brandtwood, and Windemere. RACS is a supplement to the Houston Police Department (HPD). It is provided via contract with the Harris County Commissioners Court for the services of deputy constables and paid for exclusively through the voluntary contributions of residents.

The service began in 1988 in response to resident’s desire for supplemental security. Although tax dollars pay for HPD, the city budget is not large enough to include regular HPD street patrol, nor are there enough HPD officers to meet these sorts of neighborhood demands. The neighborhood receives highly visible street patrolling and prompt response time to calls for help from highly trained deputies.